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ACPP (Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry) associates producers, converters and merchants in the field of pulp, paper, board and paper based products. Association represents its members at negotiations with the government, trade unions and international organizations. It organizes common interests and representation for its members through the working groups - statistics and information, ecology, environment and recycling, finance and collective bargaining with trade unions.

ACPP is a member of the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic (SP ČR) as of 1st January 1994, which joins 28 trade associations. SP ČR is a member of EUROPEBUSINESS, BIAC and IOE.

ACPP is a member of Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) as of 1st January 2004, which joins 18 European countries. ACPP represents, from 1997 the first associate member from among the countries of ex-Eastern alliance, latter folow Slovak Republic, Hungary and Poland.

ACPP cooperates effectively with the Association of Printing Entrepreneurs (SPP), Packaging Association (SYBA), Association of Secondary Raw Material Industry (SPDS - Aporeko),  Association of Forestry Entrepreneurs (ALDP), and Association of Pulp and Paper Industry of the Slovak Republic (ZCPP SR). ACPP is co-founder PEFC ČR and FSC CZ.

ACPP has 16 full member companies at November 2017. Their production is more than 85 % of total pulp and paper production in the Czech Republic. The Association bee (by 2010)  the publisher of Czech paper branch journal "PAPÍR A CELULÓZA", which has been issued without interruption for 65 years since the year 1946.

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